30 cm (11,8 Inch) — Singapore

11.8 Inch Carbon Steel Wok

Woks are an invaluable addition to your pans. They are versatile, allowing you to do more and cook better using the same level of tooling as pro chefs! This 11.8-inch steel wok allows you to learn how to make new cuisine while enjoying all the non-stick fun you can have. You can also finally be able to try out those Asian recipes you skipped because you did not have a wok!

Where our 11.8-inch Wok Size performs well

The number of people you are cooking for directly affects the size of your cookware. The best way to make smaller portions of food using a wok is to go for a smaller size, like our 11.8″ carbon steel wok. When you are cooking for two people, this is the best inch for small dishes, since they provide perfect heat distribution and a hassle-free preparation.

Features of Our 11.8″ carbon steel woks

This wok pan may be the right choice for you, especially if you like its features. Here are some of them:

  • It heats up fast due to its smaller size. If you want to make something quickly, the 11.8-inch wok is the one to reach for. 
  • The wok is made of quality material, designed to last you years. The non-stick coating produced by seasoning makes the wok an easy clean. With its heavy-duty, black carbon steel and treated beechwood handle, this wok will last you a long time. 

You can cook small portions of healthy stir-fry meals filled with flavour. A smaller cooking pan is definitely better for when you are serving a small number/quantity of portions.