34 cm (13,5 Inch) — Singapore

13.5″ Carbon Steel Wok

If you are looking for the perfect wok to make your East Asian dishes, the 13.5 carbon steel wok may be a perfect choice. Woks can make dishes in the original Asian equipment they were first developed on, as well as bring the uniqueness of a wok’s functionality to other dishes and techniques. You are only limited by what dish you can imagine making on this cooking pan.

What Our 13.5-inch Wok Size is best for

The size of your meals corresponds directly to the size of your wok. With a 13.5-inch wok, you can cook your best meals for families of four and even have left-over for the following day. This is a dynamic size and the best inch for families of 2 to 4 people.

Features of 13.5-inch woks

With all of its amazing features, you are not going to want to stop using your brand-new wok pan. Here is a list of details that will add to your experience of cooking.

The 13.5-inch wok comes with an incredible array of features that will enhance your cooking experience.

  • Non-stick- The 13.5″ wok from carbon steel material is not like those spray-on options you will see peddled by utensil vendors. The material will not peel off, since it is all the same thing. You can stir, fry, and flip food with ease, without scraping the wok. The non-stick coating properties from proper seasoning come in handy.
  • Traditional: You can count on the authenticity of these cooking woks. They are manufactured in China in the style of inspiring originals and will make your dishes taste fresh and stunning.
  • Pre-seasoned: Seasoning is not easy to do, especially when you are dealing with new cookware. The chef’s pans you see here will not require as much work. We treat them with high levels of heat so you can have an easy-clean, season and cook in a very short time.