36 cm (14 Inch) — Singapore

14 Inch Carbon Steel Wok

No kitchen is complete without a wok. Its build allows chefs everywhere to cook a variety of dishes from different regions of the world. The cooking pans are traceable back to Asia where they are commonly used to make East Asian meals. Our 14″ carbon steel wok is suitable for anyone who is just getting started down the road to wok cuisine.  

What Our 14″ woks are best for

Wok pans come in different sizes, which is why diameter matters. 14-inch woks present the best inch size for a family of 4-6 people. A family-sized wok helps the chef/cook to make just enough without too much left-over. If you have a smaller number of people to cook for, you can have leftovers on purpose as well.

Features of Our Pans of this Size

There are several features of the 14″ wok that make it special. Let us look at some of them to help you understand this chef’s pan better. 


  • Pre-seasoning — All woks sold here are treated using high heat. To give them a non-stick coating, you will have to season them yourself. Not to worry, we provide a systematic video to make your pan non-stick. You will not have to guess how to do it and soon, your wok can be a part of your invaluable kitchen tools. 
  • Quality build materials — The woks you see here are made from heavy-duty, black carbon steel and should last you a lifetime. The handle comes from treated beechwood, giving it a proper, heat-resistant design that is comfortable to hold. Woks of this build are an investment you will be using for a long time. 
  • Simple maintenance — These woks are easy to maintain. A clean easy is all they need after cooling. Use hot water and a sponge, ensuring the wok is dry before putting it in storage.