Black Carbon Steel Woks - Singapore

A black carbon steel wok is one of the most versatile types of cookware you can find. Natural materials guarantee chemical-free cooking regardless of technique. Deep-fry, braise, steam, and explore a plethora of other techniques with just one pan produced by Yosukata. Here is why these woks are the choice of culinary professionals. 

What Makes It Special: Key Features 

A black carbon steel wok is suitable for different heat sources, including grills and open flame! It is strong enough to endure up to 315° C without warping. Forget woks with artificial coatings — this cookware is made of natural materials that never release any toxins into your food. 

The woks are resistant to stains and corrosion. After seasoning, they acquire a non-stick patina composed of polymers from cooking oils. Black steel is three times thicker than aluminum and stronger than ordinary carbon steel. It has excellent heat distribution properties. At the same time, it is lighter than cast iron and does not crack under intense heat.  

How to Use a Black Carbon Steel Wok

A black wok is incredibly versatile — its use is not limited to stir-frying! Woks have been used in Chinese cuisine for thousands of years, and they are ideal for a wide range of tasks. Here are some inspiring ideas to spice up your menu:


Woks are perfect for the task because of their shape. You can deep-fry more ingredients and use less oil, which allows you to cook much healthier meals. 


Due to the concave shape, the heat from the bottom quickly spreads to the sides of the wok. All of your ingredients will be cooked evenly, even with little oil. 


Due to the concave shape of the black carbon steel wok, you can fit a bamboo steamer inside. Thus, you can cook vegetables or meat, or make dumplings and pastries!


The dimensions of your wok allow for some creative cooking. A setup for indoor smoking may be placed inside, and smoke will circulate around the food. Line the inside with foil and scatter some tea leaves (for aromatic smoke), sugar (to colour and sweeten the food slightly), and rice (to keep everything smoking) under the setup.  

How to Re-Season Your Black Carbon Steel Wok

If the non-stick coating wears off, you can restore it in no time! You can season black carbon steel using a stovetop. Your wok will look like new after the following steps:

  1. Pour any oil suitable for cooking into the wok (canola oil and vegetable oil are the best options!) and swirl it around, so the oil covers the whole surface. 
  2. Heat it up until you see smoke. The oil will start to evaporate. 
  3. Remove the oil with paper towels. You should leave a very thin layer, so the wok feels dry. Repeat 2-3 times. 
  4. Take the wok off the stove and wipe it once again. 
  5. Let the wok cool and wash it without soap (just a sponge and water!)
  6. Dry the wok before storing it. 

Why You Should Buy a Yosukata Black Wok

Yosukata woks are designed by culinary pros. One piece of cookware can be used for a stunning variety of dishes. The more you use it, the better it becomes! Yosukata woks offer unbeatable value for the money.  

  • Incredible durability: Our woks can last a lifetime.
  • Practical solution: one wok for multiple techniques.
  • Healthy and delicious cooking: zero chemicals, only natural patina for stick-free use.
  • Ideal cooking temperature: Our woks heat up and cool down quickly.
  • No risk of burns: removable wooden handles guarantee safety whatever the heat source.

Yosukata cookware preserves the original taste and nutritional value of all ingredients. It is designed by chefs and produced from high-grade materials. These woks are virtually indestructible. First-class materials and strict quality control guarantee convenience and durability in any kitchen.