Carbon Steel Woks Flat Bottom — Singapore

The carbon steel flat bottom wok is the most universal workhorse, as it can be used with any heat source. Unlike ordinary woks, which only work with gas and open fire, it allows you to cook on a flat-top stove. Discover a rich variety of gastronomic delights with this pre-seasoned marvel!

Features of Carbon Steel Flat Bottom Wok

Carbon steel is a heavy-duty material for cookware, as it is strong and heats up evenly. Our wok flat bottom can endure up to 315° C! Unlike cast iron pans, it will not crack, and it is also much lighter. There are many other benefits:

  • Unmatched performance: Polymers from oil prevent sticking and thicken with use.
  • Impressive lifespan: A good wok can be used for decades, as it is rock-hard and virtually everlasting.
  • Unparalleled versatility: These woks are the most universal cookware —  they work with all heat sources and allow you to experiment with various cuisines and techniques.
  • 100% natural: A flat bottom wok does not release any chemicals into the food when heated, as no artificial coatings are used.

Use It For

Woks are incredible unitaskers. This is the universal pan for Asian cuisine, good for anything from stir-frying to steaming. Discover an astonishing range of recipes and techniques. Here are some of the things you can do with a flat bottomed wok:


The wok excels at stir-frying, which is why that is the first association most people have. As the sides of the pan are sloped, you can flip and toss the ingredients conveniently, imbuing them with an irresistible charred flavor.


Place a bamboo steamer into your wok to cook dumplings, make custards, or steam vegetables or fish. Stackable steamers let you cook multiple dishes at once.


This is a method of low-heat cooking in moisture that is close to simmering. Your dishes will have a nice saucy consistency, and you can pour them out of the wok directly into the serving vessel. For example, you can make a delicious eggplant dish — mapo tofu. 


A wok flat bottom allows you to place strainers or chopsticks at different angles to hold and move your food around. Pouring the oil out is also more convenient, and there is less mess. 


Cook delicious chicken wings or fish fillets with a wok and some foil. Just line the inside to protect the seasoning, place a wire rack inside, and put the ingredients on top. As for the smoking ingredients, you could use some sugar, white rice, coriander, star anise, and green tea pearls. 

How To Get Woking

Unboxing a new wok is exciting, but remember to wash it before use. Dry it thoroughly and follow our instructions to finalize the coating. Our flat-bottomed woks are exposed to extreme temperatures during production, so the initial protective layer is already there.  

Clean and Care for Your Flat Bottom Wok

This wok is no ordinary pan, and caring for it is extremely easy. Forget about soap and metallic scrubbers — all you need is water and a sponge. After use, let the pan cool down and wash it without detergent. Dry it thoroughly and place it on low heat if you want to make sure all the moisture is removed. Then, rub some oil on the surface. Voila! 

The patina will strengthen with time. Avoid acidic foods, as they may damage it. You can always re-season your wok with a bit of oil. Just follow the instructions in the manual.

Why Buy Yosukata Black Carbon Steel Wok Flat Bottom? 

This reliable multitasker allows hassle-free storage and use. Enjoy healthier cooking for decades with the best flat bottom carbon steel wok from Yosukata.

  • Perfect Shape

Due to the rivet-free design, food does not stick to the handle base. The ideal round shape and bottom guarantee perfect balance. The ergonomic handle has a non-sliding finish, so you can move the wok around easily. 

  • Excellent Materials

We use heavy-duty 16 gauge steel containing 99% iron. Strict quality control ensures uniform thickness and rust resistance. The handle is made of non-dry wood.

  • Easy Maintenance

As the wok is pre-seasoned, you only need to use some oil and heat to finalize the coating. This natural patina ensures stick-free cooking, and it thickens with time!