Pre-seasoned Carbon Steel Wok — Singapore

A premium wok is an extremely versatile and durable piece of cookware. With proper seasoning, it can be used for decades! Enjoy thorough heating, stunning durability, and unmatched performance. A pre seasoned carbon steel wok from Yosukata will give your food an irresistible flavour on gas or open fire. 

Features of Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok

Chefs love steel woks because of the unique combination of durability and performance. A natural layer of patina prevents sticking, so you can explore a wide array of methods and cuisines! 

  • These woks heat up evenly, locking all the flavours inside the food.
  • They get better with every use, as their natural polymer layer grows thicker.
  • A pre seasoned carbon steel wok can be used by several generations, as it is nearly indestructible.  
  • The pans are eco-friendly, as they are made of natural materials. No chemicals or toxins, even at the highest temperatures. 

Use it for

Wok owners can explore a wide variety of techniques beyond stir-frying! You can deep-fry, braise, boil, steam, and even grill food using the same pre seasoned wok carbon steel pan. It ensures ideal heat conduction, and the wok is easy to move around. Use it in a gas burner or open flame. Experiment with cuisines and flavours!

How to Get Woking  

Getting started with your pre seasoned wok is easy. Unbox it, wash it, and dry it thoroughly. It has already been subjected to intense heat to create the first protective layer. Just use some vegetable oil or lard to complete the coating! The patina, formed by natural polymers, will get thicker with every use. The longer you cook with the wok, the better it gets!

Clean and Care for Your Pre Seasoned Wok 

Once the wok is fully seasoned, handling it is super easy. After use, let the wok cool down and rinse it with water. Note that detergents and metallic scrubbers destroy the patina, so be gentle. Then, rinse it one last time and dry it thoroughly with a towel. To make sure no moisture is left, subject the wok to low heat on your stovetop. Now, rub some oil into the interior to prepare for further use. Voila!

Why Should You Buy Yosukata Black Carbon Steel Woks?

Yosukata offers superior cookware for lifelong use. Our woks were meticulously designed by culinary experts, and they are made from reliable materials. Get a multi-purpose kitchen wonder that meets the highest standards of safety and performance. 

The Best Materials

15 gauge carbon steel from Japan is strong enough to last a lifetime. These hand-hammered woks tolerate temperatures of up to 315 ℃ — no cracks or warping! The handles are made from non-dry wood to protect you from burns.

Outstanding Design

The shape ensures stability. You won’t see any rivets that trap food in ordinary pans, as the handle base is welded. Its shape is ergonomic to provide a comfortable grip. The rounded bottom ensures all the juices and flavours stay inside the ingredients. 

Easy to Handle and Store

Despite its strength, carbon steel is lighter than cast iron. These pans are easy to move around, so cooking never feels like hard labour. As the woks come with the initial layer or seasoning, they require little maintenance.